Student Views

by Helen Siegieda

Being a student of Human Geography at Aberystwyth I wanted to find out how my fellow students are finding their courses, and what advice they have for prospective students and first years within the Geography Department here.

Isabel Parry (Second Year, F800)
Do you have any advice for students picking modules?
Consider how the module is assessed and what you perform best in e.g. essays, exams, presentations. However, most importantly, choose modules you’ll find interesting and enjoy learning about.

What are your personal interests in geography?
How we impact the environment and how the environment impacts us e.g. natural disasters, climate change, food and water security.

What are you doing for your dissertation?
I’m planning to look at water security and unequal access to water resources.

General advice?
Make the most of opportunities offered, have fun but be sure to make time for university work (especially second year!!).

Olly Haines (Second Year, L700)
What has been your favourite module so far?
Placing Politics due to it being the most relevant to my interests as well as also being able to argue your opinion against other opposing opinions. The lecturers have also been the most interesting.

What are your personal interests within geography?
Politics of geography and how politicians have developed throughout the years as the world around them has changed. For example how social media plays a bigger part each general election. Which has led me to getting work experience/ internship with Kirsty Williams.

Do you have any advice for students picking modules?
Make sure you understand the module content prior to choosing it and make sure it is the right module which is appropriate to your degree, especially second year choices.

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