Amdanom Ni

The Department was established in 1875 and so we are the oldest of Wales’s Welsh Departments. The first Professor of Welsh was appointed i 1875 and Daniel Silvan Evans worked part time for a salary of £150 a year.

A number of Wale’s most prominent scholars and writers have taught and studied here, including Gwenallt, T H Parry-Williams, R. M. (‘Bobi’) Jones, John Rowlands, Mihangel Morgan, Twm Morys, Iwan Llywelyn, Wiliam Owen Roberts, Owen Martell, Catrin Dafydd, and Eurig Salisbury.

The majority of our students read a degree in Welsh or Cymraeg Proffesiynol (Professional Welsh), but we also ofer BA schemes for those of you who are interested in the other Cetic languages: Irish Language and Literature (joint honours) and Celtic Studies (single honours).

Our undergraduate provision is avaiable to new speakers, second language speakers and first language speakers, and research opportunities (MA, MPhil and PhD) are avaiable at postgraduate level. Ours is a vibrant community of students and researchers who share the same goal of promoting a greater understanding of teh Welsh language, its history, its literature, and its place in contemporary culture. We are also passionate about the other Celtic languages and our students can also learn Welsh, Breton and Scottish Gaelic.

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