Erasmus+ exchange at Aberystwyth – Juliana’s story

Sut mae! My name is Juliana and I am a student at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany where I study European Literatures, English Literature and – most importantly – Celtic Studies. As a student of those three things it was always my plan to spend one year abroad. And so I did! And I came to Aberystwyth. (Obviously, why else would some girl from Germany write an entry on this blog?)

I have to admit that at first, Aber was not my university of choice. I wanted to go to Dublin. (Sorry!) But I changed my mind quite quickly after our Head of Department and other students who have already been to Aber, recommended it to me by heart. And the truth is, I have never regretted this decision since.

I came to Aber in September of 2014 and as someone who had just left home to live in a different country for one year, I felt a little lost in my first few days. But with amazing flatmates it didn’t take me too long to feel at home. Especially because the Celtic Studies Department took me in and gave me a lot of advice and support. Through the Celtic Studies Society I felt even more welcome. Everything is so much more personal there. It felt so amazing, being in a place where the Celtic culture was and is still lived and preserved.

When I started university, I’d never heard of Celtic Studies before and I began studying them out of mere interest and curiosity. I stuck with them and I became more interested and curious with every semester. All the exciting experiences I made in Aber weigh in a lot on that. The people, the culture, the seaside…the sunsets! Overall I am just so grateful for this year.

And one little anecdote to finish: an old English teacher of mine spent her year abroad in Aberystwyth too. Years and years ago. And she still returns once a year every year since!
Juliana Dümler (Erasmus+ student)